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Spouse Visa: Worth more than just a number?

In All, Immigration, Immigration Politics by Adam

Given the recent action in the Supreme court, the laws surrounding the eligibility for a Spouse Visa might well have been upheld, but at least they have been questioned. We live in an increasingly international world where everything from communication, travel, business and relationships are no longer restricted by geography. The industrial revolution paved the way for a rapid expansion, and the invention of steam engines and then internal combustion engines pushed us further. Commercial air travel stretched us further, and the jet engine pushed us faster. The twentieth century then threw the internet into the mix and really began to change the way the world community interacts and expands. It’s an exciting time to be alive, indeed, and the pace is not slowing. But the fast pace is coming up against a resistance as the world begins to kick back …

UKIP Immigration: Puerile Politics?

In All, Brexit, Immigration Politics by Adam

In our democratic society we have representatives who are allegedly educated, but still show astonishing levels of ignorance or arrogance – or perhaps, both – when discussing immigration. UKIP have have been accused of racism on many occasions, and they usually brush it off as merely their opinion. When it comes to the UKIP Immigration attitude if often comes across as a puerile attempt to be inflammatory solely for the sake of an argument. All too often, it is nothing short of racism. UKIP Immigration Confusion John Bickley MP has been retweeting a cartoon that could easily be called offensive, and definitely falls short of being satirical. To claim that Labour is the “party for immigrants” is not only incorrect, it is dangerous when combined with the evident Muslim = Jihadist angle. Immigrants who come to the UK from non-EU countries …

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Walking the NHS into the light: what will a post Brexit NHS look like?

In All, Brexit, Immigration Politics, Work Visa by Adam

Immigration – a burden on NHS recruitment? The burden on the NHS was one of the major issues used as a reason to leave the EU in the recent referendum. Brexit was proposed as one of the solutions as the numbers of immigrants stayed far higher than limits set by the government. Promises of £350m a week were made, and then quickly squirmed out of. Let’s assume a certain bus got a re-spray. This was linked to education and housing in an attempt to make Brexit sound like the only viable solution. However, the NHS has suffered greatly under Conservative power for many years. Substantial and regular cuts have challenged staff numbers in particular. Hospital or department closures have been widespread; redundancies growing; and serious problems in recruitment are brewing. Part of this includes the removal of the training bursary …