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The Sun: News or Dangerous Media Fear-mongering?

In All, Elections, Immigration by Adam

I don’t read The Sun. Besides the crass treatment of all news, language level of the average 8 year old, and a target readership of the ignorant and ill-informed, I just don’t wish to endorse the narratives they stir. At UK Immigration Solicitors we are politically neutral since it is only immigration law that we focus on. Therefore, regardless of which party is in power, our solicitors will position themselves at the front of current immigration law. However, we have to remain aware of the climate around us and how that might affect the way the Home Office might change its approach to the law. That’s why it doesn’t help anyone when newspapers like The Sun print front pages like this: It has been very clear for some time now that the media have been set against Jeremy Corbyn. First, they called …

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The President Macron win could mean a Harder Brexit for May

In All, Brexit, Elections, Immigration by Adam

Finally, we see an election won by a clear majority that spells out a stronger mandate for the elected president. At 65/35 is is much easier for Macron  to phrase his win as a success for the French people. Macron also sees it as a success for Europe, and that is why it could have a major effect on Brexit. The President of France is a title and position that was always likely to play a significant role in Brexit negotiations. Part of that is down to their role in the EU. A bigger part of it comes down to their relationship with the UK, politically and physically. Although not strictly a “land border” with the UK, France is the only country with a land connection. The Macron Immigration View Macron had a clear view on immigration, favouring the integration of …

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Dirty Democracy: Devaluing the Voters’ Voice

In All, Brexit, Immigration by Adam

When the British people get a rare opportunity to play “democracy” on anything as significant as the EU Referendum, we should be able to rely on truth and factual accuracy in order to make an informed choice. Sadly, that is not the case in British Politics, which is driven more by populist media than cogent argument. It was only well after the referendum that we finally had the admissions: “No we won’t get £350m a week for the NHS.” “No, Brexit will not allow us to curb immigration.” “Sorry, I forgot to mention we always have had sovereignty” UK immigration law is a very complex and ever-changing area of law. It’s also really expensive, especially for non-EU/EEA visitors and workers – who make up more of the net migration figures than our EU counterparts. Nevertheless, immigration was at the forefront of many …

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What is the Cost of a Free Movement Deal?

In All, Brexit, Free Movement, Immigration by Adam

One of the main problems with juggling the Free Movement Deal post Brexit is that Theresa May keeps moving the goal posts. Whether it was about a “Hard Brexit” .v. “Soft Brexit” or the problem of broken promises, the whole experience with Brexit so far has been one of inconsistency. Consistently. It’s been a long, slow and difficult slog so far, dragging ourselves to Article 50, having that bill “ping pong” with the Lords, and finally triggering it. New hurdles have come up along the way, but none larger – in the eyes of the media and public – than the thorny subject of immigration. However, that is only because the Tories made outlandish claims in their election manifesto, and the Brexit campaign really turned up the heat on anti-immigration propaganda. Free Movement Deal? What will “the people” think? Or do …

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Net Migration: More than a numbers Game

In All, Brexit, Immigration by Adam

Numbers go up; numbers go down. If there is one thing that you can be certain about with statistics it would be that statistics and never certain. Statistics are just numbers – it’s how they are used that makes the dialogue happen. That is why careful choices are made as to when to use Net migration numbers rather than gross incoming numbers. The news yesterday and today has been filled with the issues of industry being affected by migrants coming and going. We’ve discussed NHS nurses, other skilled workers, and the news was covering agriculture yesterday. We could argue about the value of immigration forever but we would never be able to escape the irony that immigration is a natural part of society.  Donald Trump can close his borders as much as he likes, under the guise of “protecting” his national …

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Spouse Visa: Worth more than just a number?

In All, Immigration, Immigration Politics by Adam

Given the recent action in the Supreme court, the laws surrounding the eligibility for a Spouse Visa might well have been upheld, but at least they have been questioned. We live in an increasingly international world where everything from communication, travel, business and relationships are no longer restricted by geography. The industrial revolution paved the way for a rapid expansion, and the invention of steam engines and then internal combustion engines pushed us further. Commercial air travel stretched us further, and the jet engine pushed us faster. The twentieth century then threw the internet into the mix and really began to change the way the world community interacts and expands. It’s an exciting time to be alive, indeed, and the pace is not slowing. But the fast pace is coming up against a resistance as the world begins to kick back …

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Farage Immigration Logic

In All, Immigration by Adam

North Korea is being led by a crazed despot with his finger on the trigger of nuclear weapons, ready to defend himself if too many people ask questions about his murdered half brother. Well, that’s just one reason he might poise that trigger finger – I am sure he has many others. But still we are distracted by the ramblings of a political caricature: Nigel Farage Immigration Logic pervades our airwaves, leaving blithering non sequiturs in his wake. On his LBC Radio programme, Farage denied having ever been looking for a total Muslim immigration ban, but he supported Donald Trump’s ban on the basis that it gave the new president 90 days in which to decided what it could do to keep America safe. Why they think this is possible in just 90 days if they have spent the past fifteen …

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Muslim Immigration: Security or Irrational Fear?

In All, Immigration, Muslim Immigration by Adam

It is true to say that we live in a politically and socially volatile world. But I refuse to say “these days.” To do so would suggest that historically the world was a peaceful, idealistic, and Utopian. Even the most basic lessons in history would contest that. And yet the negativity towards Islam, and the increased pressures to curtail Muslim Immigration is feeding a narrative that links Islam with danger and violence. I have grown up with Islam in my life for as long as I can remember. Muslim children went to my primary schools and my secondary school; many fellow students at university were Muslim; colleagues in all my work places have been Muslims. And Sikhs, Hindus, Christians, Buddhists, Rastafarians…my life has been a cultural tapestry, and if I might afford myself a moment of personal opinion: I am …

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How to Trump Democracy

In All, Immigration, Refugees by Adam

If getting your head around the effects of Brexit seemed hard enough on its own, what happens when you add the fiery atmosphere of immigration on the international stage now? Donald Trump made some wild claims and venomous promises in his campaign for presidency that a lot of people brushed aside, thinking he could never, or would never follow them through. However,it now appears that Donald Trump has confused the concept of empowerment with that of oppression. He is signing executive orders that serve to alienate many of his own citizens and open them up to dreadful discrimination. Let us not forget that the result was extremely close – just like the Brexit result, and the Scottish independence referendum – so as a leader, Trump is not in fact speaking on behalf of his entire nation. One American has written a …

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Brexit Shambles: or a cover for Institutional Racism?

In All, Brexit, Brexit Plan, Immigration by Adam

Theresa May is a very different kind of PM to David Cameron and pretty much all recent male PMs since Blair. She isn’t the “PR” washed, personality-bleached usual character we see at the helm, preened and polished by PR, carrying a great big whip.  No: May is more private, slithery and calculating. And that is why I am not sure I believe Brexit Shambles is all it seems. Martin Kettle wrote a compelling article today (“For Theresa May, immigration matters more than the economy”) highlighting many of the reasons how and why May’s focus seems to be skewed in such a way. However, it still feels that somehow a different kind of narrative is being played, and all the pledges to “unite” are not so sincere. After all, the “all in this together” stance from David Cameron proved to be an …