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Banking on Brexit: is it time to Invest in the UK?

In All, Brexit, Invest in the UK, Tier 1 Entrepreneur Visas by Adam

I am no expert when it comes to stocks and shares and all the jargon that goes with the financial markets. However, with even a layman’s eye, it looks like this could be a good time to invest in the UK. With a weaker pound, and a buyer’s market developing, investment opportunities for 2017 are emerging since Brexit. It’s important to see through the fog of politics that Brexit is causing because at the moment no-one knows what the final deal will be with regards to trading. More importantly, no-one knows how this will affect immigration from EU and EEA countries, which affects work-forces and trade from EU countries. However, the UK has always had more of its net migration from non-EU/EEA countries, and it is unlikely that this will change anyway. Some of the really big corporate players are considering moving …

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Brexit, Oxford, and a World-Wide Workforce

In All, Brexit, Invest in the UK by Adam

The Brexit Shadow of doubt Brexit has cast shadows of doubt and uncertainty over everything in financial and immigration sectors in the UK.  Increasing numbers of EU migrants in the UK are worried about their status due to the wait to find out what deals will be struck. It’s fair to assume that the EU will want to trade off with insisting the UK accepts free movement of labour in return for access to the market.  That’s not going to happen, though. Politicians are far too concerned with appeasing voters and their demands that immigration numbers are controlled. So let’s take a simple look at what the situation could look like. How much are people really paid? Currently 10.6% of the UK work force – that’s all working people in the UK – are migrants.  This number is made up …