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Hatred and Hot Soup: Brexit Media Survival

In All, Brexit, Media by Adam

There’s a border-splitting surge about to happen. Records numbers of migrants are overrunning the country right now, and all we have is the media to guide us. And we are all going to DIE this weekend. There’s only one thing to do: sharpen the pitch-forks; ignite the burning torches; pull on the thermals; and head out to battle armed with as much hatred and hot-soup as we can. The Newspaper front pages today capture exactly why I don’t read newspapers any more, other than to see what ignorant people think are “facts.”  Or if my copies of the Beano have yet to be delivered. Even The Express bank on people being stupid enough to see a big red “10p” and be duped into thinking that is the price.  That is until the customer reaches the til to find out what it …