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Safety Pins, Flags and Badges: Solidarity or “Slacktivism”?

In All, Brexit, Immigration, Society by Adam

Mass murder, genocide, war, terrorist attacks…whatever it is that happens, so many of us feel compelled to show our “solidarity” with the victims and take to social media. That’s it. For most people, that is the extent of their activism.  It is the limit of their statement of solidarity.  As long as they have been seen to do that, then they are satisfied with themselves. There’s no question that symbolism is an extremely powerful tool, especially when we consider something as poignant as the poppies worn for armistice.  Symbols carry with them an extension of meaning that goes beyond the literal and makes connections with personal and social values. Their connotations are dependent on culture and interpretation, so wearing a symbol is not the same as seeing a symbol².  A cross means something very different for the Christian wearing it than it …

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Marriage Mixed with Melancholy: will star-crossed lovers ever be fully accepted?

In All, Society by Adam

“All Animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others.” The twentieth century saw a wave of change in civil liberties and equality.  Women gained far more rights and independence, giving them more of a voice and a choice in their own lives. Unless, we look back to the 1940s and examine what happened to those few wishing to enter a mixed marriage. George Orwell’s satire of Stalinist Russia was published in the mid 1940s after having been rejected many times over by British and American publishers. Animal Farm has been held in high regard in the UK ever since in both English and History lessons. Throughout World War 2, soldiers fought and died beside comrades of many races and cultural heritages. They had a common enemy epitomised for his taste for ethnic cleansing.  Looking back, it almost …