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UK Visa Refusal: Ten Reasons Why visas are Refused

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Having a Visa application refused can be a confusing, frustrating, and upsetting experience. It always feels personal, and always seems judgemental – as well as unfair. The truth is that a UK Visa refusal is a regular occurrence, and the Home Office have no problem handing them out. After all: the Home Office keeps the visa fees from all applications whether is successful or not, so they make more money from appeals and further applications. We are often asked how to “guarantee” that a visa will be accepted. The simple answer is: you can’t get a 100% guarantee, because the Home Office are final decision makers. What you can do, however, is make sure your application as strong it can absolutely be. To help you in this, we have compiled a list 10 of the most common reasons* the Home …

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Polar Politics

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President Trump. Seriously? I don’t think the world was really expecting it to happen. But now that it has, we need to take it extremely seriously.  Don’t get me wrong – I don’t mean we should take Donald Trump any more seriously now than when he stood at the podium being racist, misogynistic, bigoted and defamatory.  However, thinking about what it says of the way we enact our limited powers in democracy is something that we should consider carefully. Polar Opposites Don’t Attract Good Debate Just as with Brexit, when you give people a simple “in or out,” “yes or no,” or “blue or orange” choice in political decisions they tend to polarise all the other connecting issues.  For example, if healthcare is discussed it becomes contested as an “either/or” option, with no room between. The complexities in its delivery, …

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Jeremy Corbyn, Immigration and Brexit

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Jeremy Corbyn has won his leadership: now he needs to win his party Jeremy Corbyn won the second clearest indication of the backing of voters over the weekend when he secured his leadership.  His popularity has always been based on the fact that he appears honest, straight forward, and stands up for what he believes in.  Above all, when you ask him a question you get a straight answer.  That’s new to British politics, and it could be seen as quite telling that his biggest opponents are other MPs. As a result, many people who support Corbyn tend to agree with his views on Brexit and immigration. He is also  well known for building relations with troublesome Eastern leaders, which has led to much criticism.  Ironically, many who criticise that fail to see the irony that they are holding hands …