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Refugees and the poisonous narrative

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The UK has been dragging its heels on the refugee crisis for well over a year now. It is almost impossible to know how many refugees have fled the east from Syria and other countries, by land and by sea.  However, even though the number is unclear, what we do know is that the variety is not. Men, women and children have all escaped war-torn countries and fled across Europe from non-EU countries.  David Cameron made a massive error of judgement in 2015 referring to them as a swarm, and he was heavily criticised for it. The worrying narrative But it had been no mistaken comment: it was all part of a worrying developing narrative.  In August 2015 Cameron openly stated that we needed to take greater control over the number of refugees into the UK.  Somewhat cynically, this issue was …

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The Appeal of the UK: the cost of Freedom and Liberty

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Buried deep beneath the murky underwater of the issue of migration in the UK is a more troubling trend in the cost of justice in the UK.  Filing a visa application is hard enough without having to worry about the cost of funding an an appeal if the visa is refused. It appears that “freedom” and “liberty” have a price. Migration brings an approximate net wealth of about £2billion a year to the UK, so despite some claims to the contrary, it is not a drain on the economy or the public purse. Brexit might well have provided some hope for people who want a more EU-red-tape-free society, but the cost is an entirely different matter.  Some of the migration rules that apply to non-EU or non-EEA countries could start affecting EU migration.  In fact, this is what people are …

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What’s the Point of Immigration Control?

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The point of Australian rules is not just for football… The “Brexit” campaign really turned up the volume on cries for a Australian, points-based immigration system .  People wanted to know why we don’t have one, when we are going to get one, and when we are going to use it. Um. Well…we do have one.  We have had it for over 8 years. It currently only applies to non-EU migrants, and no-one knows what will happen to EU migration after the UK exits the EU.  In reality no-one really knows much about what a post “Brexit” Britain will look like. One of the main problems is a misunderstanding of the true effects of immigration on UK society.  It has become fashionable to scapegoat immigrants as the source of all evil.  The housing shortage, over-filled schools, and strain on the …