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Listing Foreign Workers: No Better than the Third Reich?

In All, Brexit, Work Visa by Adam

The world seems to have darkened of late in relation to the way leading countries are talking about migration.  Donald Trump is trying his hardest to stir up an anti-Muslim and anti-Mexican stance overseas.  And yet in our own country, the Home Secretary has stated the intention to force companies to publish lists of foreign workers as if they need to watched carefully. When did the word “foreign” become so dirty (again)? Why should an employer be any more accountable for a “foreign” worker than anyone else?  By all means, it is important that migrant workers on a non-permanent visa have the correct paperwork.  Continue to check that people are eligible to live and work in the UK at the point of application, but what is the need to go any further? A Backwards Step However, the Home secretary’s speech …

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Walking the NHS into the light: what will a post Brexit NHS look like?

In All, Brexit, Immigration Politics, Work Visa by Adam

Immigration – a burden on NHS recruitment? The burden on the NHS was one of the major issues used as a reason to leave the EU in the recent referendum. Brexit was proposed as one of the solutions as the numbers of immigrants stayed far higher than limits set by the government. Promises of £350m a week were made, and then quickly squirmed out of. Let’s assume a certain bus got a re-spray. This was linked to education and housing in an attempt to make Brexit sound like the only viable solution. However, the NHS has suffered greatly under Conservative power for many years. Substantial and regular cuts have challenged staff numbers in particular. Hospital or department closures have been widespread; redundancies growing; and serious problems in recruitment are brewing. Part of this includes the removal of the training bursary …