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UK Immigration Solicitors is a team of highly experienced immigration specialists who represent a wide variety of clients every day.  Our team has a reputation for its bespoke service that includes highly complex cases that might fall outside the usual immigration rules and laws. These exceptional cases sometimes include issues relating to Human Rights laws.

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The European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR) refers to a wide range of rights that everyone in the UK and Europe is protected by.  In some cases, our skilled solicitors are able to challenge the decisions made by the Home Office (UKVI) on a human rights basis.  This is especially true in cases of deportation, revocation, and detention. This might include, for example:

  • Cases relating to the personal safety of an applicant, and how refusal of a visa or settlement application could them in danger – ECHR Article 3: “No one shall be subjected to torture or to inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment.”
  • Cases where someone has been detained as part of a visa refusal or other deportation matter – ECHR Article 5: “Right to liberty and security.”
  • Cases where the refusal of visa or settlement applications will have a profound effect on the family life of the applicant, such as the breakdown of their family or separation from their children, etc. – ECHR Article 8: “Right to respect for private and family life.”

This is not an exhaustive list, of course, since the ECHR is a highly complex set of legal rights that relate to immigration in a wide variety of ways.  It takes a highly skilled and experienced solicitor to apply such laws to immigration law in order to successfully fight a case on these grounds.

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Please see below for some general guidance for applications taken from the Gov.UK website.  Although the information is good general advice, in order to get more specific detail to make the application, or to find out how any individual circumstances you have might affect your application, please call us today and we assess the merits of your application in just one call.

Is your case an urgent one?

You might be in an especially difficult circumstances, such as being detained or facing deportation.  When your case is urgent and you have been refused right to appeal, you need to be confident that your case is handled by a qualified solicitor, rather than simply an advisor.  Even the slightest mistake made can have a profound effect on the outcome, and only qualified solicitors have the knowledge and experience to correctly refer to the details in both UK immigration and EHCR laws.

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