Labour Party’s Immigration Road Show

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Labour Party’s Immigration Road Show

It was announced on the labour party website and also BBC news this month that the labour party will be touring the UK on an Immigration Road Show.

The purpose of this Road Show is, excerpt direct from Labours own website:

Immigration is important for Britain’s future and that’s why it needs to be properly controlled and managed.

We are proud of our diverse and outward-facing country, where people have come from abroad over many generations to build Britain’s businesses, work in our public services and contribute to this country.

We also understand that people have legitimate concerns about immigration policy – that’s why we believe reforms are needed. Labour got things wrong on immigration in the past. But Ed Miliband has set out a new approach: controlling immigration and controlling its impacts on local communities. Britain needs immigration rules that are tough and fair.

The Tories have let people down on immigration. David Cameron promised to get immigration down to the tens of thousands, “no ifs, no buts”, but net migration is rising, not falling. It’s now at 260,000, higher than it was when David Cameron walked into Number Ten, and the Tories’ target is in tatters. Illegal immigration is a growing problem.

Fewer people are being stopped at the border, more people are absconding and fewer foreign criminals are being deported. Meanwhile, the Tories are doing nothing to tackle the undercutting of local workers’ conditions and wages – one of the things that worries people most about immigration.

Labour will take a different approach. Stronger border controls: we will make it easier to deport foreign criminals, check people in and out of the country, and do more to stop illegal immigration. A smarter system of controls: so we get the top talent and investment we need, whilst controlling low skilled migration.

Fair rules at work: a new law to prevent employers undercutting wages by exploiting immigration, and banning agencies from recruiting only from abroad. Earned entitlements: people coming here won’t be able to claim benefits for at least two years. Integration, not divided communities: people working in public services in public facing roles will be required to speak English.The Labour Party

We here at UK Immigration Solicitors

Will be watching on with intent how this debate now escalates in the coming days and weeks. Especially as we know the Tories have been a bit coy with Immigration figures lately.

Updates to Follow….

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